Health Quotient – Evaluating Your HQ

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Oct 292012

Health Quotient (HQ)

A Simple Health Evaluation Tool

 Instructions for using the Health Quotient (HQ)


For each item indicate how often you do each item. If never or rarely (1 to 3 times a month), enter a zero; if sometimes (1 to 2 days a week), enter a 3; if most of the time (4 or more times a week), enter a 6; if daily (6 or 7 days a week), then enter a 10.  Total both scores and subtract the Factors Minimizing Health from the Factors Maximizing Health. The result is your HQ. Continue reading »

Eating Right for Your Blood Type

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Oct 292012

Eating Right for Your Blood Type

(An excerpt from articles from the Amazing Health website,

The book Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is based on the premise that different blood types require different diets in order to be healthy.i The dietary recommendations vary from meat-based to plant-based. They are based on the four human blood types: A, B, AB, and O. The book raises questions, especially for some vegetarians who are told they are in a blood group that requires a flesh-food diet. It also raises a question for those who follow the vegan “Genesis 1:29” diet, which is the original diet that God gave to humans.

Is it possible that there are vegetarians who would do better consuming animal products? Are there some people who should be consuming more dairy products than others? Are some of us, because of our blood type, not meant to be vegetarian? And, if this is true, then why did God originally give the human family a plant-based diet?

Advice from the Bible and Science Continue reading »