Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC)

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Sep 012012

This Certificate Program covers the field of nutrition and diet. Conventional nutrition and the deficiencies of the standard American diet are compared to the benefits of naturopathic nutrition and the original diet. Students also learn how to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes in diet for themselves and others.

Credit/Hours to Complete: 22 Credits/330 Hours

Full Price: $1560
Installment Price: $1680
Monthly Installment Price: $185.00
Number of Installments: 8
Down payment: $200.00

IIOM 01Concepts of Original Medicine1/15
IIOM 08Mind, Character and Personality2/30
IIOM 10Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients2/30
IIOM 11Scientific Basis for Nutrition3/45
IIOM 12Detoxification and Cleansing Diets2/30
IIOM 16Facilitating Dietary Changes1/15
IIOM 18Enzymes2/30
IIOM 76The Divine Prescription for Health Healing3/45
IIOM 80Case Study or Project (CNC)2/30
Total Core Credits/Hours18/270
IIOM 02Counsels on Diet and Foods3/45
IIOM 06Drugs, Herbs & Natural Remedies1/15
IIOM 09Healthful Living2/30
IIOM 13Health and Wellness2/30
IIOM 21Introduction to Conventional Nutrition1/15
IIOM 22Nutrition for Children3/45
IIOM 32The Green Pharmacy3/45
Total Elective Credits/Hours15/225


Please see course descriptions in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog, and feel free to contact us for help in completing your personalized certified nutrition counselor curriculum.