Jim Sharps will be speaking on Friday evening March 7th, 2014 at 7 PM

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Mar 062014

Jim Sharps will be speaking on Friday evening March 7th, 2014 at 7 PM.


Topic being discussed is proper food combining and balancing your pH  This is Metro Mens Focus on Health.  You can go on line and listen live to www.metromenspm.com. or  call in to 862-902-0300    accesscode 13514# – See more at: http://iiomonline.com/category/news/#sthash.sHpQg0ri.dpuf


Catalog and Application Form

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Jul 242013

Our courses are open to you if you have a sincere interest in the study of natural healing. You will need to know English as a first or second language.

There are no high level academic entry requirements for joining our courses, rather we ask that you come with vocational aptitude and an open mind and heart. Healing talents, commitment and life experience count for a lot. That you be as free of prejudice as possible, is also desirable, because fixed attitudes obscure not only another’s truth (your patient’s for example) but also your capacity to absorb new ideas.

At the time of enrollment, you will select an educational offering (certificate program, a degree program, or an individual course) and you will submit the nonrefundable IIOM registration fee of $40 with your application.