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Health Quotient (HQ)

A Simple Health Evaluation Tool

 Instructions for using the Health Quotient (HQ)


For each item indicate how often you do each item. If never or rarely (1 to 3 times a month), enter a zero; if sometimes (1 to 2 days a week), enter a 3; if most of the time (4 or more times a week), enter a 6; if daily (6 or 7 days a week), then enter a 10.  Total both scores and subtract the Factors Minimizing Health from the Factors Maximizing Health. The result is your HQ.

It is possible to get a negative score (factors minimizing health outweigh the factors maximizing health).  A maximum HQ of 150 would indicate superior health.  A score of 100 to 125 should be a good intermediary goal for most of us.  A score of 60 to 100 represents sub-optimal health even though there may be no current symptoms. A score of less than 60 will be problematic for most people and requires improvement. By looking at both the positive and negative elements relating to health, you can make some practical adjustments to meet your personal health objectives.

Never/Rarely 0
Sometimes 3
Most of the time 6
Daily 10

This is just a simple HQ applying the simple formula to
basic health and wellness principles. Try it, apply it, have fun with it and enjoy Good Health!

Factors Maximizing Health Score Factors Minimizing Health Score
1 Plant Foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds) Flesh Foods
2 Chew Food Slowly & Thoroughly Meat Substitutes
3 Avoid Liquids with Meals Fried Foods
4 4 to 6 hours between Meals Recreational Drugs
5 Small supper at least 3 hrs before bed Prescription Drugs
6 Small supper at least 3 hrs before bed Dairy Products
7 Deep Breathing Alcoholic Beverages
8 Exercise Tobacco
9 Sufficient Sunlight when available Caffeine or Chocolate
10 Sufficient Rest (6 – 9 hours) Excessive Work or Exercise
11 Positive Attitude & Emotions Air Pollution
12 Safe & clean environment Soda or Store Juices
13 Meditation / Prayer Life Snacks between Meals
14 Purpose for life Processed or junk foods
15 Personal Responsibility for Health Excessive TV (>10 hrs /wk)
Total Maximizing Factors Total Minimizing Factors  

 Column 1 _______ minus Column 2 _______   =    _______   (My HQ Score)

Radiant HealthOptimal 125 – 150
HealthSub-optimal 100 – 125
Sub-optimal Health 60 – 100
Needs Improvement < 60




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