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The Liver flush can be done along with your current diet.  It is recommended that you cut down on your food intake and eat mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. This flush will be for three days.

  1. Drink 1 quart of apple juice with 1/3 to 1/2 ounce of Ortho Phos (if available) added or herbal laxative.  Sip on this throughout the day. If you desire, continue to drink as much raw organic apple juice as the body will tolerate (minimum 1 quart daily). This is to soften stones and thin the bile.
  2. Take 2 herbal cleansing capsules (e.g. turkey rhubarb) 30 minutes before each meal, preferably, with a glass of warm water for the three days of this flush. (No more than 6 a day*).  You should have at least 1 full bowel movement per day, 2 or 3 is fine. Contact your health practitioner if no bowel movements are experienced.
  3. For dinner each day, especially the third day, have a light meal. (Lightly steamed vegetables or salad or citrus fruits).
  4. Three hours after your last meal on the third day, drink one cup of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, thoroughly blended with the juice of freshly squeezed lemons.  (½ cup olive oil and ½ cup lemon juice). Lie down immediately on your right side with your right knee pulled up close to your chest for at least 30 minutes – NO CHEATING on time.


One may feel slightly nauseated but deep breathing and relaxing will help it to pass.  It may take up to 8 hours for the flush to work.  You may continue to see stones for some time after your morning bowel movement.


For any questions call Integrated Health Services at (410) 884-9319.


Good Luck and Good Health!


*  If stool becomes too loose cut back on your herbal capsules and resume taking them at the end of the flush.


It is recommended that you have a colonic irrigation or high enema on the day after the flush to encourage rapid release of toxins.


The liver/gallbladder flush is a very quick, effective and potent way to cleanse the liver.


This is a very powerful method of cleansing the liver.  This program will also help to purify the gallbladder.  A number of people have followed this method and avoided a gallbladder operation.


The liver flush is really dramatic.  If a person wants to improve their liver, there are three things they should do: #1 the liver flush, #2 clean the colon, #3 flush and cleanse the kidneys.


What usually comes out after a liver flush are gall and liver stones.  Also, a lot of yellow acids from the liver are dumped in the colon and flushed out.  A person could work at detoxifying his body for many years; but never get well because he never cleaned out his liver.  When he finally goes on the liver flush, he may pass stones so big that they could clog up the plumbing in a colonic machine.


In many cases, hundreds of stones will pass. “Too many to count.  Some will be as big as quarters.  The gallbladder can hold at most fifteen stones.  So the other stones come from the liver.  The liver can hold hundreds of stones.” Some people have been known to pass stones as large as golf balls. Many have used the liver flush with the benefit of avoiding surgery that would have removed the gallbladder.


There is another important benefit of the flush.  Those who have their gallbladder taken out, get diabetes twenty years later.  The gallbladder gives off enzymes, different from the pancreas.  When the gallbladder is taken out, the pancreas is overworked.  It eventually shuts down.  If you get your gallbladder taken out at 30, by 50 you will have diabetes.


A lot of people have their gallbladder taken out.  They don’t know that most of the stones are in the liver.  But with the liver flush, you can get these out.


Here are some key benefits and common questions and answers on the liver flush




  1. The liver which is usually layered with hundreds of stones is relieved
  2. By cleansing the liver, you are cleansing the blood
  3. The liver flush can help avoid gallbladder operation
  4. The liver flush is an important first step to detoxifying the entire body


Questions and Answers:


QUESTION:  Does the flush clean out the gallbladder or the liver?

ANSWER:   Both.

QUESTION:  How does it clean the liver?

ANSWER:  It softens the stones in the bile duct.  When the bile ducts are blocked, they are unable to give off the digestive juices of the liver.  When you drink the apple juice and the disodium phosphate it softens the stones.  When you drink the olive oil and lemon juice it causes the gallbladder to spasm.  It doesn’t know what to do with all the oil.  So they all pop out.

QUESTION: Why does most of the stones come from the liver?

ANSWER:  That’s where they all come from.  A couple hundred come out of the liver.  The gallbladder can only hold 15 stones maximum.  Hundreds of stones come out of the liver. The stones are layered.  They are not one layer deep.  They are one on top of the other. When a colonic is done on a person who just went on a liver flush, hundreds of stones can come out.  They are a beautiful bright green.  Sometimes they are coated with the baize cholesterol.  If you pick up most of the stones, you can flatten them.  The apple juice softens them.

QUESTION:  Are there any clients that do not pass stones?

ANSWER:  Because of today’s dietary and stress-filled lifestyles most clients have stones.  Everyone that goes on the liver flush will most likely pass stones.

QUESTION:  What type of olive oil should a person use?

ANSWER:  I recommend using the best olive oil you can buy.  I buy it in a can so that it is not exposed to light.

QUESTION:  Is it really important to take a colonic after the flush?

ANSWER:  Everyone should take a colonic after a liver flush.  The liver is detoxifying for months afterwards.  Take several if you can.  You need to get that acid out of the colon.

QUESTION:  Can a person take a liver flush without getting a colonic afterwards?

ANSWER:  Yes, many do. It is better to get the stones out of the liver, than to leave them there.

QUESTION:  Do you feel the spasm in the gallbladder and liver?

ANSWER:  You don’t feel anything.  This happens immediately, as soon as you drink the olive oil.

QUESTION:  Is there anyone who should not go on the liver flush?

ANSWER:  I haven’t found anyone who shouldn’t.

QUESTION:  How fast does the liver flush work?

ANSWER:  It works within hours.  Not days, but hours.

QUESTION:  Has anything besides stones come out?

ANSWER:  The liver is often loaded with fungus.  The stones are so coated with it; you can barely see the green on the stone.  This is how terrible we treat our livers.  Often for an hour and half on a colonic machine there could be nonstop fungus coming out.



If a person is really sick, take the liver flush once a month for a while. The following is a simple liver flush you can also use …



Simple Liver Flush





  1. 1. Juice of 1 grapefruit, 1 orange and 1 lemon; or 1 apple, bunch of grapes (optional lemon, if available), based on season and availability of fruits.
  2. 2. 2 cloves of garlic
  3. 3. 3 teaspoons of pure olive oil
  4. 4. pinch of cayenne pepper



Juice the fruit. To puree the garlic, add the minced garlic to the lemon juice and blend for best results. Then blend the entire recipe together and drink.  This should be done upon rising in the morning for three consecutive days every three weeks for three months.



For best results eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables during the three-month period. Avoid caffeine, soda, sugar, dairy, flesh and all processed foods, as much as practical. You may add dandelion root tea and burdock root tea to enhance blood and liver cleansing during this period. Ginger root and mint teas are excellent for digestive support. Use aloe vera, noni, sea energy, or an herbal laxative, if needed during this period to ensure consistent intestinal elimination and support. Also, get lots of fresh air, sunlight, pure water and rest, as practical.




Good Health and May you continue to receive God’s richest blessings!




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